Mullet Rollers Keytar Radical!

A fast-paced asymmetrical multiplayer game about a 90's one hit wonder keytar player. Player 1 plays a rhythm game while player 2 plays an endless runner. The difficulty level for both is tied together. The better one player performs, the harder it gets for the other.
Jam year: 
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Made with FlashDevelop All graphics produced in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Music produced with MAGIX Music Maker 2013
Installation Instructions: 

Online :

Downloadable version: Unzip and find the "release" folder. The executable is named "obligatorio.swf" and should always be accompanied by the text file data.txt. Aditionally, this file is easily modifiable, so you may switch up the speed, frequency, order and types of obstacles for both players.


The game must be played in a stand-alone flash player, instead of a browser, as it uses graphics acceleration via hardware. One can be found in the beta release section of Adobe Labs. You may also need to add a security exception for the game's folder in Flash Player's settings.


The Team:

Camilo Clavera

Enzo Gaiero

Lucía Mostarda

Joaquín Bello

Joaquín Guelfi

Jorge Tuset

Esteban Nantes

Gonzalo Salinas

All assets, including music, graphics and code created by the jammers, on-site.