Movie Producer Pitch Saga (with no candy)

A visual novel, written by Michael "Edrobot" Maris. In this game, you play as Zachary Goldman, a famous movie producer. You've just been approached by a young man asking you to read his screenplay, and it's your job to crush his dreams by changing things so much that the story is unrecognizable from it's original form! Use the mouse to click buttons, right click to bring up the save/load menu, and scroll with the mouse wheel to rewind or go forward again. Contains 10 unique endings, including "true" ending unlocked by finding all the other endings. And in classic Visual Novel style, finding some of these endings can be somewhat non-intuitive. Since you'll probably get stuck, here's some walkthroughs for the more difficult ones, cyphered in Rot13: GUR AVTUGZNER ORPBZRF ERNYVGL/Gehr Raqvat: Svefg, pubbfr "uvfgbevny qenzn", gura "whfg nqq snagnfl", "evc bss gur zngevk", gura "Onpxgenpx". Gura, "Nvz Sbe Pbzrql" 3 gvzrf. Vs lbh unir nyy gur bgure raqvatf, lbh'yy trg gur Gehr Raqvat. Bgurejvfr lbh'yy trg gur Avtugzner raqvat (juvpu lbh arrq gb unir frra gb trg gur gehr raqvat). Jbefg Raqvat: Pubbfr "Fpvrapr Svpgvba", "Or Obaq", "Cynl Vg Fgenvtug", naq gura "Qb Fbzrguvat Nzrevpna" guerr gvzrf. Good luck!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Used the Renpy visual novel engine.
Installation Instructions: 

Extract your appropriate version from the zip file.


Game made by Michael Maris.

Title screen made by Brian Shurtleff

Most graphics made by other people, but were public domain.

Music shamelessly stolen from Persona 4 (PLEASE DON'T SUE!).

Special thanks to Drew Wright

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