Morphlien it's a ship shooter game where things go just as crazy as you are. The main concept of the game is controlling a space ship traveling through space and fighting enemy ships. Everytime you destroy an enemy, you earn points that are used to buy upgrades such as double cannons or avoid chance. If you spend points buying upgrades your enemies will earn those upgrades either like getting a double cannon too or being able to avoid your bullets by simply standing by them. Upgrades available are either getting multiple cannons or stronger ones / being able to change colors thus being unharmed by bullets of the same color as you or a passive avoid chance / getting bigger, stronger and easier to target or smaller, faster and harder to shot at. We were aiming at the concept of what you are is what you see. The game was developed using our own simple C++ 2D engine, built using OpenGL via GLFW, Audiere for audio and FreeImage for loading textures.
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You Only Live Thrice
I am who I want to be
Design, Create, Play
Round and Round
MS Windows
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We wrote our own game engine using C++ as main programming language, OpenGL (GLFW), FreeImage and Audiere.

Edson Gustavo - Programmer

Eduardo Bruno - Programmer / SFX / Soundtrack

Jordy Ferreira - Programmer

Maurício Conde - 2D Artist / Concept Art (He's missing on the picture)

Ygor Rebouças - Lead Programmer / Game Designer

Yvens Rebouças - Programmer / 2D Artist / Game Designer






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