Meow You See Me

2 to 4 players. 1 player plays as the cat, 1-3 players play as mice. Mouse players must collect cheese and get to mousehole without being caught by cat. The cat can pounce on mice, and can become invisible to mice by climbing on top of furniture. As a cat, when you pounce on a player-controlled mouse, it will make a different sound effect from NPC mice. Players do not know which mice are player controlled (many AI mice are also in the game). The cat can Controls: Player1: Arrow keys + M Player2: WASD Player3: TFGH Player4:IJKL We recommend using JoyToKey to play using gamepads.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
Can You Come And Play?
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Language: HaXe Framework: Flixel IDE: FlashDevelop Map editor: Tiled Art: Photoshop & Gimp

Mark Trueblood - Creative Director

Oskar Strom - Lead Artist

Steve Pletcher - Technomancer

Venkatesh Balasubramanian - Music and Audio

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