Memories of a Place

Your father and you were never close, but his death brings you back to the manor house you lived in as a child. By closing your eyes and seeing the place as you remember it you can reconnect to your father and your past. Pull things from your memories into the present by closing your eyes to switch between visual and aural worlds.
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You Say it!
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine is used for voice commands. Requires a microphone and microsoft speech services.
Installation Instructions: 

Install all required packs located in the "Required Install Packs" directory.

Make sure that your microphone is attached to your computer.

Run the "test.bat" file to run the application.


Tushar Arora - Programming, Sound Design

Heem Patel - Programming

Dilara Semerci - Programming

Frank Hamilton - Design and 3D art

Regis Frey - Design, Writing, Voice over and 2D art


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