A-Maze-ing Co-op

A cooperative maze game in which the two players have different perceptions. The trap finder can see and avoid traps in the maze, while the key holder can find the keys to deactivate the traps. The goal is to deactivate all the traps and escape the maze together.
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Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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The Builds.zip folder contains a web version and standalone builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is a two-player co-op game.  Player 1 (the Trap Finder) uses the WASD keys and watches the left side of the screen.  Player 2 (the Key Master) uses the arrow keys and watches the right side.

The Key Master can see keys but not traps, and the Trap Finder can see traps but not keys.  If either player crosses a trap, they are hurt - if either player loses 5 life points, it's Game Over!

The Trap Finder can press Space to leave a flare so the Key Master knows the spots to avoid.  The Key Master is the only one that can collect keys and disable the corresponding traps (match the shape to the proper hole).

Once all traps have been disabled, both players must reach the exit together, and then you win!


Dina Angelov: art, game design

Lyla Fischer: code, game design

Naomi Hinchen: code, game design

Timothy Volpe: code, game design

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