The Marvellous Crab

The marvellous crab is a puzzle game. Under the sea, one crab wakes up shooting lazers with his eyes, for some reasons the hermit crabs around seems to appreciate when the crab is looking at them. As the crab is too busy dancing to move for the hermit crabs, you have to use the environement to alter the route of the laser. Many optical devices are available to reflect or change the color of the rays. Work in progress snapshot and team thoughts at :
Jam year: 
Round and Round
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
Java, libGDX, Box2D (build-in libGDX), Apollo (
Installation Instructions: 

Require the Java runtime environment 1.7

The source files contains the three eclipse project. As usual with libGDX, GJJ is the core projet, GJJ-desktop the desktop version and GJJ-android the android version. However, this last is still bugged... Probably a configuration issue with an external jar, any help appreciate :)

A html version can't be considered because of a third library using java.lang.reflect package of the Java development kit, which can't be cross-compiled into Javascript with the Google Web Toolkit.

Game Stills: