Mage's Dice

Played in taverns and inn across the land, Mage's Dice have been a rowdy drinking games for as long as anyone can remember. Many spend years putting together the perfect set, other spend years making a set perfect for cheating. Condemned by both Church and the Court, this game has persisted in the back rooms and bar counters of anywhere adventures like to unwind. At first a simple dice game, livelihoods have been won and lost on its roles and fates built on its unassuming bones. The story of the game has always been told the same, can be recited rote by even the most talentless of bards. You are a mage who seeks the very favour of the gods and will do anything to achieve it. But you are not the only wielder of mana in this fight, and the gods have only so much favour to give. You must battle your piers to win supremacy in a struggle for the most elusive of prizes. Ultimate Power. So pull up a stool, grab a tankard and bring out you trusty Mage's Dice, you never know what adventures lie ahead. Mage's Dice is a bar dice game for between 2 and 3 players. It's simple mechanicals makes for a fast placed, exiting mix of strategy and luck that you will find addictive and time devouring. The set is ultimately mobile, fitting simply in a coat pocket as it is fully contained in its own box. So pick up a set, pick up a pint and start playing.
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Benjamin Donoghue - Game Designer.

Dave M Hayes - Game Designer.

Paddy Duke - Game Designer.

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