Love and Hate

Love and Hate is a 8 players party negotiation game that encourage people to make more communication and think in different. We want to achieve the goal of balancing playing time between casual game and strategy game. The most challenging playing feature is that when you are going to another's base, someone behind you is actually looking at you! Basic rules: Each player has a base and a token. At the start of each round each player will secretly get a "lover" card and a "hater" card. The objective of the game is to move your token to someone's base. If any of two players brought their token to anyone base, that player die. For example in a 8 players game, the round will end when 3 players left. Scores will be given by killing some, your lover survived that round, your hater didn't survived that round or your own survival. Another important idea is you can defend your own base by simply placing your token in it. If you do that no body can get into your base and kill you.
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What's in the box:

8x 'HATE' cards

8x 'LOVE' cards

1x dice-4

1x map

8x player tokens

For age group, playing time, number of players

Setting up:

  1. Each player choose 1 token 
  2. Each player draw one 'HATE' card, one 'LOVE' card from the pile, respectively
  3. Each player places chosen token to corresponding starting base
  4. The youngest player starts playing first

Playing the game:

  • Each round player can choose to cast spell rolls the dice-4, or in clockwise order


  • player moves token up to rolled points, either move upwards, downwards, turn left or right. No diagonal moves can be made in this game. E.g: if player 1 rolls a '3', then he decides to move 3 steps, move upwards, downwards downwards on the map.


  • if two different players move into one else's base, the player whose base is being occupied to be excluded from the game


  • if two tokens meet on the others' path, both player cannot move and stay at original position


Scoring Rules

In-game scoring rules

occupying one's else base: "BOTH Player +10 magic points"

stepping onto center area "+2 magic points each round if and only if you're the only player in center area"


game-ends scoring rules

lover survives "+10",

hater dies "+6",

survivals "+5"


Game Ends:

When number of players is less or equals to 3


Spelling elements:

Acquiring temporary enhancement to your token by costing your magic points

  • Back to base  ( Magic points:  8 )

Teleport your token back to own base immediately

  • Awareness ( Magic points: 15 )

Move twice in the same turn by rolling dice twice

  • Falling into chaos ( Magic points: 10 )

Exchange your position with your specified player

Winning the game:

  1. The player who get the highest magic points wins
  2. if two players have same magic points, the higher killing headcount player wins 
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