LockMeow is Puzzle game that has 2 mode, sweet dream and nightmare. Player can control the kid in sweet dream mode. When player switchs to play the cat, the environment will change to nightmare mode, things that we see before will not look like the same. The kid is a symbol of Good, he see beautiful thing like flower so it no harm to him. while the cat will see it as thorn. So think it twice when make your move.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

How to play 
run the LockMeow.exe file

How to use our code in gamemaker studio.
1. open gamemaker studio.
2. click import.
3. select LockMeow.gmz from src folder.
4. click import.


Sound credits :  RPGmaker and  Megaman opening main theme

Game Stills: 
Source files: