The Lie Box

The concept of this year's Jam is a quote from the famous 20th century novelist, erotica writer, and feminism icon, Anais Nin. Setting from that premise, the Lie Box pictures a Nin, hospitalized on the third year of her losing battle with cancer, thinking back on her life full of alternate personalities, lies and deceptions, all done in the name of literary and social freedom. Looking back, she finds out that her literature, her memories, and her ideas are all jumbled together in her mind. It's just like her "Lie Box", the file she kept to keep her myriad lies solid and unforgotten, however all her files are mixed up. As she tries to remember back to her childhood, and eventually out of the shackles of life, she cleans away memories and ideas to return to innocence. You play her, as she does this. This experimental work is designed to be a narrative experience as well as a game (of sorts).
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Due to time constraints, two critical elements haven't been implemented, that of the "deterioration of Nin's memory", which was supposed to put time constraint on the player, and "the forgetting", which was supposed to simulate "lives". Nevertheless, enjoy...
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