The Lesser Key of Solomon

2nd Place of the NHTV Breda Location! -- "The Lesser Key of Solomon" is a boardgame where you play as a group of five teenagers who have found a book of Daemonology. All of you have decided, in your infinite youthful wisdom, to summon a Daemon and must complete your own personal goal. You might be The Spiteful, who is looking to use the Daemon to kill someone in the group for their own reasons. You could be The Guardian, who must ensure that a particular person lives to tell the tale, even if it means sacrificing your own life. Turn the lights down, set up the candles. Tonight, we're summoning a Daemon. Careful to not touch the Darkness, young one, lest the Deamon consume you. -- Due to the boardgame nature of the entry, it's been very difficult to get everything down in a way that other people could enjoy it without us being there to explain some of the rules and have the board. The Source Code is a .zip of an incomplete GDD. It's lacking pictures of the board and the exact entries of each and every card for the game. We'll be updating the entry when all of us have recovered a little more from the Jam!
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