Judgement is a game about finding the truth by investigating a crime scene. There are some clues to lead you but it's all up to you how to interpret them. You are asked some questions about the crime which slowly help you to develop the story in your mind. In Judgement we do not present you a story, but we guide you to create your own story by answering the questions and investigation. There is no winning or losing at the end. You are the narrator and you shape the story. Judgement is not about answering your questions it's all about asking you questions and making you to think about them. The outcome of the game is a percentage which shows how much you got close to the truth. But does it really matter? It will be very unlikely that you can answer 100% of the questions because of the fact that you see things from your own perspective and you cannot find the whole truth, no matter how much you try. Please share your story about the crime with us, I'm sure some of them are better than the real one that we have designed! Please give your feedback here: http://www.gamesprout.com/ideas/703 “Art doesn't offer answers, only questions” Michael Haneke
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Simply download the executable and double-click on Judgement.exe. Mac version is included in the source file.


The Windows executable version of the game which is included in Judgement.zip had a frame rate issue which was resolved in Judgement_WindowsX86.zip upload. So we recommend downloading Judgement_WindowsX86.zip.


    Milad Bonak Dar   :  Game Designer
    Aidin Shandi          :  Game Designer
    Hossein Azizi        :  Game Designer & Programmer
    Amin Nakhaie        :  Programmer
    Alireza Shavandi  :  3D Artist
    Ehsane Vaezi        :  2D Artist


Game Stills: 
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