You are what you hear. Jazztallica is a 2D platform game. You play as a boy who changes the way he sees the world changing the music he hears in his headphones. And this makes him change too!
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
C++ using Box2D and Allegro libraries.
Installation Instructions: 

Just execute bin\Play\Game.exe


WASD or Arrow keys: Movement. You can also jump with Spacebar.

1 & 2 to change the music. Jazz jumps higher, metal runs faster.

VERY IMPORTANT: You can WallJump. Jump while on a wall, while you're moving upwards to perform the trick!




Jorge Ariño

Carlos Cortina

David Faleris

Alfonso Frances

Lawrence Lee

Pablo de la Ossa (Autumm Yard)

Sergio Ortega Romero

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