Inspector Bolchevique

You play the role of Inspector Iosif, a soviet detective officer who needs to save the URSS from the capitalist annihilation.
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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The controls are: 

Enter text to change, click on objects to interact and the arrows to the minigame.


Just double clic the .exe and try to enjoy the game!


Pablo Dartsch: Game Designer - Level Designer - Writer

Germán Dartsch Dreidemie: Game Designer - Level Designer - Writer

Agustín Anfuso: Game Designer - Level Designer - Writer

Julián Micic de Rosas: Game Designer - Level Designer - Writer - Music Designer - Composer

Juan Pablo Artola: Artist - Programmer

Federico Mariotti: Programmer

Maximiliano Tejada: Programmer

Miguel Ángel Alvarez: Artist

Belén Ahumada: Artist


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