UPDATE: We're now hosted on GameJolt as well! With the quickplay function, you can start the game with only one click. Quickplay link: Gamejolt page: How can you tell RIGHT from WRONG? Do you always do the RIGHT THING? How can you tell your way of seeing the world and making decisions is correct? In Immanuel, you will discover a world that mirrors your own moral beliefs. In this world, special rules apply. What would happen if Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative worked literally, and every moral choice you make suddenly started applying universally? Can you handle the burden of deciding for the whole society?
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MS Windows
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Unzip files.
Run "PlayImmanuel.exe" at '\release' folder.



Original Concept
Andrey Coutinho

Main Event Programming
Renan Rodrigues

Additional Programming
Andrey Coutinho

Visual Art and Character Design
JP Martins

Visual Art and Art Direction
Tito Marques

Sound Design and Original Soundtrack
Luan Lucas

Lead Scenario Writer
Andrey Coutinho

Additional Writer and Assistant Game Design
Felipe Lins

Level Design and Assistant Game Design
Renan Rodrigues

Public Relations
Felipe Lins

Lead Game Design
Andrey Coutinho

Created as an entry for Global Game Jam 2014, 
under the theme:
"We don't see things as they are, we see them
as we are.”



Font used
Unibody Pro 8 by Underware

Additional Code
Word Wrap Script by KilloZapit



AG Solutions
(Global Game Jam 2014 host in Fortaleza - Brazil)

Aperta Start
(GGJ 2014 organizer in Fortaleza - Brazil)

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Supernova Indie Games

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