A child plays on the park, but his mind is away on his fantasy world. His father follows him to protect him, warning him about the real-world obstacles, absent from the child's mind. "Imagine" is a small experimental, conceptual game where you will experience the idea of being the child and the father at the same time, to achieve the maximum play time possible: •• As the Child, you must dodge the obstacles from his fantasy world, by pressing SPACE to jump. Press it twice to double-jump.•• As the Father, you need to alert your child to real-world obstacles. It can be done by pressing CONTROL when the Alert Bubble appears over his head. /// Following the honor code of the Global Game Jam, we are providing two links: one from the game originally made during the event schedule, and one from the version that we are going to be constantly updating. The original game can be found at the files, links and source code provided below. If you like to check the current updated version, please see For those who are interested, the source code is also adapted for deploying and playing on mobile devices.
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity 4.3 was used, with no add-ons, using the Native 2D support.
Installation Instructions: 

- Please install the Unity Web Player Plugin, if it is not already installed (

- Just acess the game URL and play it on your browser :) . It can be played via online link, or directly on the downloadable package.


  • Adrian Laubisch (Game Design)
  • Annita Wright (Art, Game Design)
  • Arthur Goulart (Code, Game Design)
  • Bruno Pacheco (Game Design)
  • Carolina Caravana (Art, Game Design)
  • Danilo Blum (Art, Game Design)
  • Leonardo Perantoni (Sound, Game Design)
  • Marcos Ramos (Code, Game Design)
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Source files: