The Imaginary Story

A game about love, friendship, hardship, bromanship, swordmanship and... uhm... everything else ship and non-ship. This is really a card game where the point is to tell short parts of a story together with a group and make each other laugh at the absurdity of the story being told.
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I am who I want to be
You Say it!
Can You Come And Play?
Back to the 1885
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Illustrator,, Sublime Text, Python, Imagination, Camera, Pen and Paper.
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Print out, read the rules and enjoy the game.

The code we've used to generate the cards is provided as well as the csv files containing the text on them. This makes it possible to generate more cards easily by editing the csv files and running the script, which is written for Python 3 and uses the PyGame library.


All credits go to the team that has made this game possible.

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