Things are not what they seem; discover the truth by illuminating the world. With your flashlight in hand, see things as you are meant to see them--as you are. Hint: watch the signs.
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I am who I want to be
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Wiimote version requires additional software (GlovePIE). Webcam highly recommended
Installation Instructions: 

There are two different versions that can be played: the standard Keyboard and Mouse configuration, and the experimental Wiimote configuration, each located in the appropriate folder.  
To run the Keyboard and Mouse game, simply double click on the Illuminate.exe application.  No additional software or setup is required.
To run the Wiimote game you must do the following steps:
1) Connect the Wiimote (with Nunchuk) to your PC via Bluetooth.  More detailed documentation found here:    your-PC-via-Blueto/

2) Download GlovePIE and run the flashlight.PIE script.

3) Run the Iluminate_Wiimote.exe application.

Matthew Becker
John Choi
Melanie Kim
Kim Lister
Steven Ong
Ivan Wang
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