Find your way through the 3d maze of your mind to discover who you are. This game is an interactive psychological test. It lets you wander invirtual reality representing corridors of your imagination. That's where you are facing diffrent choices. As a result you get your personal diagnose set upon your preferences in arts and science. There are 18 different diagnoses. One of them will surely apply to you. For total immersion we've assembled a custom-built headset including Senz3D camera attached to the Oculus rift gear and headphones. The engine was built from scratch in C++. You control the game with a joystick and a banana. You can also use a keyboard (arrows and space) and play it on a a regular PC. To exit the game press Esc.
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MS Windows
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Oculus rift + Senz3D camera handled by cusom built engine written in C++ Install: - MS Visual Studio 2010 x86 redistributable ( ) - Intel Perceptual Computing SDK ( ) - OpenAL redistributable ( ) They may be required as well: - Kinect SDK Redistributable - Oculus VR SDK

Karol 'kaktus' Gasiński - Lead Engine Programmer
Paweł 'ozon' Szczerbuk - Senior Gameplay Programmer
Piotr 'pejotr' Pietrzak - Game Designer
Jacek 'yazjack' Herman - Art Director
Matt 'jiki' Dzikowski - Creative Director
Mariusz Gliwiński - Audio Engineer


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