I wanna be a hero

When obstacles of real life are to much boring, a child is ready to create a new reality in order to overcome them! I wanna be a hero tells the story of a child and his new friend: a raccoon puppet; in this story the child in order to overcome problems of real life will create his reality full of adventures! And is raccoon will be on his side ready to help him and to follow him in all his adventure! I wanna be an hero is a collection of minigames (at the moment only one is fully implemented and another one is partially completed), in which the player will have to overcome obstacles in the new reality created for the child; but beware, if you will not be able to overcome the challenges you may lose the ability to invent and dream, seeing reality only for what it is.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Required Unity 4.3.3 because the game use the Unity 2d Framework.



- Graphic Designer: Federica Colombo  -  @fc1492

- Developer: Gabriele Fanchini  -  @Dream_Sparks

- Supporter: Matteo Fanchini  -  @MatteoFanchini 

- Music from: Open Game Art

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