I am Sam

A co-operative puzzle game for two players, where each player controls one half of a bifurcated spirit wandering through a haunted house. The light half of the spirit must remain in contact with lit areas, while the dark half of the spirit must remain in shadow. The players manipulate light switches and boxes to allow each other to move around, and to shed light (or shadow) on the angel and devil statues that reveal the secrets of the house and let them progress toward their goal of reunification.
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I am who I want to be
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Technology Notes: 
The game was written in lua with Love2D. The back end was written in python. It features the extensive usage of shaders, with fluid dynamics based algorithm, as well as using Box2D to generate visual effects.

Leon Jiang [email protected] - Game Programming

Kevin Chou [email protected] - Back End Programming 

Adam Rickert - [email protected] - 2D Art / UI 

Chris Fagerlund [email protected] - Game Design and Map Design

Yili Lou [email protected] - Game Design, Audio, and Asset Management

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