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Tell the story of the game, a high level walkthrough in words of characters, locations, tasks etc. that the player will encounter as they progress through the game… Gary, the game’s protagonist, is a former soldier who became drug addicted after the experiences he lived in the War of Crimea (an XIX Century war between the Russian and the Ottoman empires (including France, Great Britain and Sardinia). He hangs around asking myself “Who am I?”... I’am… I’am… His wife, Garrett, an English scientist of botany, pushed him to change life style over and over. Nevertheless, he can not recover his clarity of though and stop his body’s trembling. This only happens under the drug’s effect. Also Doctor Willem’s checks did not succeed. The medicine his prescribed to Gary could not save him from addiction. The Doctor is a very intimate friend of Garrett. Gary went to Catalonia where he had some rest and met a painter, Jaime. The artist’s free and light spirit gave him some relief but then, once at home, the situation was always the same. He brought a paint by Jaime: it represents the stands in the courtyard, in front of a beautiful Victorian house under the sunlight, his eyes gazed upon a tree. Gary also discovered the opium plantation his wife had for scientific reasons, thou making his addiction more and more serious. His violent character makes his friends afraid because of his past as a soldier and his extreme love for every kind of guns. The prostitutes he usually meet in the opium den are the only women who can share something with him, whereas intellectuals and writers are his wife’s elegant companions. Gary looks for strong experiences to forget the war, the people he killed, the betrayals… He still keeps letters of hate and photos of young women from other countries hugging his sons. It’s the wife, passional and lunatic woman, to put an end to the situation. To protect her love relationship with the doctor, kills Gary with a scalpel. In the game, the spirit of Gary becomes flesh in the bodies of his wife, the doctor and the painter to figure out what happened. It’s an eternal loop he runs and the player with him, until he knows the truth and says “I’am… dead”.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Andrea Pacino - Programmer
Umberto Di Napoli - Programmer
Marco Lago - 2D Artist, Game Designer
Matteo Stella - 3D Artist
Marco Farina - Programmer
Paolo Armao - Sound Designer
Emanuela Zilio - Game Designer
Luca Galli - Programmer, Team Capitain
Damiano De Cataldo - 3D Artist

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