Hunt the Thing

Cooperate with two other teammates to hunt the thing and try not to die! Join three other players in a networked game and select your character class. When the round starts, one of you becomes the Thing, and the others must try to kill it while it defends itself. The Thing is a big, dark-furred monster with huge antlers, red eyes and a thirst for blood... or is it?
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
The game is a networked multiplayer game. You must run the Unity-supplied MasterServer executable if you want to host or join any games.
Installation Instructions: 

Run a instance of MasterServer.exe in the machine you want to act as a host. Run HuntTheThing.exe to play the game.

The game is incomplete and the only functionality is host/connect to games, select a character and roam the map.


Programming - Rodrigo 'r2d2rigo' Diaz

Art - Manuel Arjones & Enrique Flores

Some portions of the networking code - Jens van de Water

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