Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is a hectic twin-stick shooter that’s all about getting as many points as possible! Destroy asteroids to reveal hiding enemy ships then obliterate them with homing raptor missiles, a piercing laser cannon or an explosive machine gun! Fight your way through the hordes of enemies to rack up as many points as you can, but be careful… Those enemies will be fighting back with homing missiles and an explosive machine gun themselves! Have a couple hundred rockets on your tail? Boost away and use the smoke to distract and blow up them up for you! Still in a tough spot and lose all of your health? Lucky for you death is slightly forgiving! You have infinite lives, but at a cost… You lose a bunch of points per death so be careful! Good luck out there scoring as many points as you can and becoming a master space pilot in: Hidden Armada!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Game engine, and logic, was created within the 48 hours. Used DirectX for rendering and FMOD for sound.

Artist(s): Wilmar Arroyave, Daniel Garcia, Vanessa Gonzalez
Audio Engineer(s): Joseph Zabukovec
Programmer(s): Evan Wright, Michael Yatckoske

Third Party Libraries: DirectX9, FMOD, Adobe Photoshop.

Game Stills: