The Grim

Play with The Grim. Understand dead. To Play: Jump with Space and shoot with Z, click and drag some elements for continue the level.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Older Macintosh
Technology Notes: 
Ruby + Gosu + Chingu
Installation Instructions: 

For run in Windows: Just download the executable and click in Main.exe


If you want to start the game running from terminal, you have to install Gosu + Chingu with: (For example if you are a Mac or Linux user)

gem install gosu 

gem install chingu

And then run the game with:

ruby Main.rb

By the way, you will need installed Ruby in your machine, I recommend version 1.9.3 to run better the game


Julio Lopez - Big Boss Developer - @TheBlasfem

Mateo Alayza - Amo y Senior del Arte

Pablo Carrillo - Game Design

Rafael Román - Level Design, Design y Music

Renato Nole - Aprendiz del Amo y Senior del Arte

Salvador Coronel - Master Code - @salvadeveloper

Vania Castagnino - Reina Hogwarts del pixel art

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