Ghost Rifters 2016

Exterminate all ghosts without being caught by the cops! Single player 3D game played alternating between Oculus Rift and Screen. When you have the goggles on, you can't see the cops! Oh no! When you have the goggles off, you can't see the ghosts! What a catastrophe! BACKGROUND STORY: Year of our Lord, 1756. The merchant vessel Amber Swan arrives at Boston Harbor. Its decks are covered in blood and gore. The only survivors of this mysterious catasrophe are the members of the Dreadawful family. They refuse to explain to the civilians exactly what happened on their transatlantic sojourn. Year of our Lord, circa 1800. The Dreadawful family has established themselves as one of the most powerful families in Boston's shadowy underworld. Virtually all of Boston's merchants are owned by the family. It is said that true Bostonian powerful can be determined by who holds directorships in the family corporation, Dreadawful Advancer Mercantiles. Upon the death of Father Henry Dreadawful, Jr., his two sons inherit D.A.M. The daughter, Sam, receives nothing. Enraged, she unsticks herself from Time and embarks on a long, long journey of Vengeance. Year our Lord, 1916. Dozens of family members perish at the Somme. It is rumored, however, that all of these brave soldiers were murdered at the hands of their ancestor, Sam. Year of our Lord, 2014. Uncle Olaf Dreadawful is on his deathbed. Sam, soon to be the last surviving member of the Dreadawful Family, reads Olaf's will in dismay. It includes an obscure corporeality clause which specifies that the deceased must no longer be on this material plane in order for Sam to inherit--however, every family member that fought and fell in the Great War are now all ghosts. Sam returns to the family estate to kill all of the ghosts and claim what is hers by rights. Also there are cops marching around that look a lot like like green gorillas because why not.
Jam year: 
Homo Sapiens are Boring
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires Oculus Rift, and a dual-monitor setup.
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