Ga Ga Ghost

CONCEPT 1: Ga Ga Ghosts Ga-Ga Ghosts is an augmented reality game that allows multiple users to come together and play against each other. By calibrating the marker (see marker_ga_ga_ghost.jpeg in zip) with the mobile devices, users can create a game room using wi-fi connections and start playing instantly. The objective of this game is to eliminate as many ghosts as possible including the opponent’s ghosts in order to obstruct their target. This is a time-based game that where users can score by targeting as many ghosts as possible within 90 seconds. You can slow down the opponent’s chances of winning by shooting their ghosts. The theme “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” was implemented in the game mechanics as 2D shape of the ghosts forces players to change their angle on and rotate around the game-board in order to be able to see them. CONCEPT 2: Cheesus Mice! Cheesus Mice is a multiplayer game where players need to race towards the cheese by taking turns. Keeping in mind their goals; the player can move in any one direction per turn i.e. forward, backward, right, left, rotate right, rotate left. The game has special power ups which can change the position of other players or change into a different color. The first one to get the cheese, wins. (see Cheesus mice in folder)
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I am who I want to be
Can You Come And Play?
Round and Round
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Design
Annick Lung
Derek Lam
Tanmaya Deshpande
Rimber Lamberg
Sebastian Möring (Feel-Good Officer)

Derek Lam + Rimber Lamberg

Annick Lung + Tanmaya Deshpande

Game Stills: