The Four Norsemen of the Ablockalypse

The Four Norsemen of the Ablockalypse is a local 4 player Viking themed brawlem up with a twist. There are 3 different colours your warrior can be and when you’re one colour the two colours you’re not will be affected by you in different way, so for example if you’re Red you’ll do much more damage to Green but be in a lot of danger if anyone’s Blue around you. We think of it like this, fire (Red) beats grass (Green) but is vulnerable to water (Blue). But anyway have fun playing our game, we hope you have as much fun playing it with your friends as we did making it. We’d also love to hear feedback from you so if you have anything to say don’t be afraid to tweet us @PixelDelusions.
Jam year: 
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 


Extract zip to any location and then double click on Exe.... This is a local multiplayer game that requires multiple Xbox Control Pads!



Right Analog stick - Movement

Right bumper - jump

Left Bumper - Attack


How to Play




Danny Negus - Art/Design

David Munro - Art/Design

Dickie McCarthy - Art/Design

Chris Smylie - Art

Mathew KO  - Code 

Kelly Kynoch - Art

Douglas Pennant - Soundtrack

Game Stills: