Firecode Red

The Boss of Office Inc. has been embezzling money from their company. Betty, a hacker working in the IT department at Office Inc. found out about the embezzling and contacted her her bestie Farah in regards to how to proceed. Farah, a hotheaded Fire-Fighter said she'd help her friend find incriminating information on The Boss…
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The Ultimate Bechdel Test Survivor
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Utilized the Oculus Rift in co-op mode with a screen operating player
Installation Instructions: 

1- Run FireCodeRedServer.exe to start up the game server
2- Run FireCodeRed.exe
2a- Click 2D World (IMPORTANT to start the 2D world first at this time)
2b- Click Join (IP of will connect to yourself)

3- Run FireCodeRed.exe to start another instance
3a- Click 3D World
3b- Click Join to connect to yourself again and join the 2D Client.

2D Controls

Left mouse click to interact with Locks

3D Controls

WASD - Move
Mouse - Look around

To Quit, use ALT-F4


Clayton Robinson
Jack Michielsen
Jacob Gadzella
Melvin Kwan

Evan Kawa
Scott Wilson

Level Design:
Evan Kawa
Jacob Gadzella
Scott Wilson

Matthew McGinn

Sound Effects:
Jim McGinn

Megan Edwards
Natalie Brodyck

Jack Michielsen
Melvin Kwan

Food & Drink:
Jacob Gadzella
Jack Michielsen
Clayton Robinson
Melvin Kwan
Evan Kawa

Taylor Family Digital Library

Game Stills: