A False Sense of Self

This game will give you a new found appreciation of your singular life-perspective. You wish you could see what others see. You wish you knew how they felt. Not today! Not when you're out to gun each other down! This first-person-shooter puts an unexpected twist on the concept of "screen-looking." It's one shot, one kill... one vision. Two players share one screen but instead of split it evenly, both perspectives overlay each other completely. You have no choice but to look at both perspectives at the same time all the time. Players can use PS3 controllers, XBox360 controllers, or the keyboard and mouse (for a serious advantage). -controllers use both analog sticks to move and the upper right bumper to shoot. Press A(XBox360) or X(PS3) to jump. -The keyboard and mouse use typical WASD/mouse-click controls. Spacebar is jump. -Collect powerups to further askew your opponents vision. -Play through 6 different levels. -Use your computer's microphone to record the sound your gun will make when you fire before each game. (just cuz.) -Stay focused.
Jam year: 
You Say it!
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity packages: Ultimate FPS, Shaderforge, ProBuilder, Mixamo
Installation Instructions: 

Plug in and turn on external controllers before starting game.

Click "Controls":

  • Choose "Keyboard", "Joystick 1", or "Joystick 2" for each player. By default, player 1 is "Keyboard" and player 2 is "Joystick 1"
  • Select inversion on/off for each player. By default, inversion is off.
  • Choose sensitivity for the X and Y directions for each player. By default, all sensitivities are set to 1 on a scale of 0 to 10.

Andy Eiche - Classic Jammer

Greg Tamargo - Midnight Jammer

Levi Lansing - Soft Jammer

Jeffrey Bennett - Unstoppable Jammer

Howard DeCastro - Delicious Jammer

Romel Ramos- Art Jammer

Avi Siegel - Mystery Jammer

Ricky Diaz - Sassy Jammer

Andy Varshine - Other Jammer

Mike Willis - Metapod Jammer

Ron Power - Remote Jammer

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