Eye of Doubt

Eye of doubt, In this game based around the theme 'We dont see things the way they are, we see them as we are' you play a character who is scared. This makes everything in the world appear scary to the player. Instructions: You play with limited sight, move around with A,W,S,D en aim and shoot with the mouse. All active objects in the game look like a pair of scary red eyes from a distance, only when you come closer can you see what it truly is. Your job as a player is to cast your misleading fear aside and take a closer look before just pulling the trigger and risk destroying health packs or ammo.
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You Only Live Thrice
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Loek Gijstbertse (lead)

Jeroen de Haas 

Max Berends 


Roderick Griffioen (lead)

Peter Klooster 

Randy Schouten


Sebastien Gamez