The Astrosuit-Facilty is testing the new Astrosuit Mark XII. Recon-Actionsuit for operational missions, which has the ability to create protective shields against specific elements. The Mark XII. Recon-Actionsuit can build following shields around the carrier : Ice-Shield, Fire-Shield, Acid-Shield, Stone-Shield. During the test, captives have to pass a parcour on a secret Area, which has traps to test the abilities. The prisoner who pass the parcour gain a reduction of sentence.
Jam year: 
I am who I want to be
MS Windows, Android device
Technology Notes: 
LibGDX (Java) + Box2D
Installation Instructions: 

Copy the .APK-File from "release" folder into the Android Phone or Tablet directory.
This Android version is optimized for Android 4.2

You can also run the eps.jar file in "release" folder on Windows OS.
Java required

Source files: