-------- Explore four seasonal micro-planets in this VR-enabled experience. -------- Concept: Life is a journey riddled with challenges posed by our environment, those around us, and ourselves. By reflecting on our pasts and our futures, we can reconcile them in order to move forward down the path laid before us. Some paths are harder than others; your path is yours to tread, but you needn't tread it alone. ---Each planet is a mirrored image of the present in a different stage of life--- ---There is a reflection of you on each planet, you can see it follow your moves when standing at certain planet meridians--- ---The seed also has a reflection, but as a grown tree in Summer.---
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I am who I want to be
Round and Round
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Oculus Rift enabled! (but a bit dizzyfying :P) ---- No Controller support (Only mouse + keyboard) sorry!---

--- Note: we are still trying to upload the source files, its more than 1GB!

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