Dreamlens - 夢鏡

Based on the theme "We dont see things as they are , we see them as we are", our crew thought a concept of "Camera". The role is in his/her nightmare as a floating eye with different lenses. The dream is full of obstacles and evil look monsters. However, things are not what they seems like. If you use different lenses to observe the dreamland, you will see different look of obstacles. We designed 6 different lens types for the game. There is no rule of solving a obstacle. We designed many ways to pass the levels. Due to the limited develop time, we didn't implement all the hidden solving ways. "We dont see things as they are , we see them as we are." 我們的組員以這句話為出發,想到了相機的概念。 主角以鏡頭的形象身處於自身的夢魘中,一切看起來都充滿了阻礙與邪惡。 但是用不同的鏡頭(觀點)去看事物,也許夢境並沒有看來的那麼邪惡。 遊戲過程中主角會不斷的往右方飛行,右方會出現不同的障礙,甚至是怪物。玩家需要使用不同的鏡頭效果來改變觀點,化解障礙。 顏色濾鏡:有紅綠藍三種顏色的濾鏡,可以把不想看到的顏色濾掉。 倍率鏡頭 – 不同倍率的鏡頭,景物的大小將會改變。 模糊濾鏡:我們看得太拘泥細節了,而忘了事物真正的本質。把細節模糊掉吧。 快門改變 – 有時候需要用更快的速度,才能捕捉到快速的東西;用更慢的速度,才能察覺微弱的光。 鏡像鏡頭 – 換一個方向看,事情將有轉變。 我們在遊戲設計中,設計了很多隱藏的解法, 玩家不一定要按照表面上看來的解法去破關。 隱藏的要素有些有出現在Alpha版本中,有些因為時間的關係還來不及實作。
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I am who I want to be
Rebels Learns it Better
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
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Unity (any product)
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The lens effects are done with Unity Pro Image Effects shaders
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