Dodgeball of the Dead

Dodgeball of the Dead is a LAN-based multiplayer FPS where where you get a second chance after death. If you're hit by a dodgeball, you become a ghost from the perspective of the player who hit you. From your perspective, you're stunned for a moment, and then continue as normal, meaning you're free to haunt your killer and continue creating ghosts of your own. The winner is the player who turns all other players into ghosts first. /// 40 years ago Raymond Boa and Jordan Sing had a vision. They saw dodgeballs as more than just red rubber spheres filled with compressed air. They saw them as a symbol for fun and play; as a symbol for the child in all of us. Now Boa & Sing have become the leader in quality, child tested, teacher approved, olympic-grade dodgeballs. Please feel free to drop by the office and meet our amazing staff. Watch out because you might get pulled into a spontaneous dodgeball game! -Adam A. May Fun Coordinator at BS. Corp
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Your download will contain two folders: a game folder, and a server folder. Copy these wherever you wish.

To play the game, someone needs to set up a sever. Simply start TNServer.exe and wait for it to display IP addresses. (You may need to give it permission to operate on your network; if so, give it the permission, close it, and open it again.)

Each player can then join this server. Start "Dodgeball Deathmatch.exe" with your preferred settings, click "join server", and enter the IP and port information you find in the TNServer window. (The port will almost always be 5127.)


If you want to look at the source, it was built using a proprietary plugin called TNet which we did not include in the source folder for licensing reasons. TNet is available at

After including TNet, you will need to add the following two methods to TNAutoJoin:

    void connectButtonHit1(string ip){
        serverAddress = ip;

    void connectButtonHit2(string port){
        serverPort = int.Parse(port);

Game Stills: