Disturbing Lawnmower House

An endless runner game of a girl who's running away from her father with an intent of butchering her. Having no clue of why did he want to do so, she just kept on running. However, it turns out that her "foster" father was already long dead, murdered by a man with the ability to turn into a werewolf whom then took his image. Game Controls- [Space Bar] - Jump over platforms/obstacles which will slow you down. Requirements:- 1. Project :- A) An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - Visual Studio 2008 OR 2010 - Code::Blocks - Dev C++ B) Allegro Game Library
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
a) Allegro 5.0.7 Game Engine. (Site : https://www.allegro.cc/) b) Adobe Photoshop CS5. c) Audacity.
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There are no installations required.


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* Credits are in the above video file.

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