Lyx is a demon that watches the human life on tv. He does not comprehend the life of humans and dreams with the possibility of discovering their happiness. With a big dream of entering a new adventure he abandons his own world and goes towards a new one, that works as if a mirror of his own world. Meanwhile, at the other world, a boy named Lucas is addicted to horror and fiction movies. He dreams into becoming a monster and know Hell. A bond is made when they make a ritual trough the tv and their worlds start to merge gradatively. respecting the law of ``every action has a reaction`` they must go towards their dream and towards happines, whatever it means.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Leonardo Camargo – Game Design, 2D Artist Concept, Interface Design & Programming;

Augusto Almeida – 3D Artist, Programming, Character Design;

Nathan Oliveira – Level Design, 2D Artist;

Diego Ponte – 3D Artist;

Rennan Leon – Music Design, SoundFX.

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