Corabell is a girl that couldn't see the colours of the world. So, she starts her journey looking for the colors that she lost from herself. Controls. Space : Jump P : Pause
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Phaser JS Framework is used to develop this game.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the source code.

Place the files into a webserver

Access the game typing the path for the game in the Chrome Web Browser.


Ana Dacol - Art/Design/Game Design
Anderson Almeida - Programmer
Endel Dreyer - Programmer/Game Design
João Carapeto  - Art/Design/Game Design
João Mosmann - Programmer/Game Design
John Murowaniecki - Programmer/Game Design
Juliana Cunningham - Game Design
Matheus Rocha - Programmer/Game Design
Sandro dos Santos - Programmer/Game Design
Vanessa Santos - Art/Design/Game Design/Motion
Wagner Moschini - Sound Design/Programmer/Game Design

Source files: