Colour Cult Clash: A Party Game.

Colour Cult Clash is a quick to learn party game designed to break the ice and accelerate conversation by bamboozling your friends , family and strangers, into a cult (,HILARIOUS!). Premise: The Players are divided into two teams or "cults". Without know who is in which cult, players must try converting whoever they can to their cult by making them preform a specific action or "mindtricking" them, through conversation. Every player has their own mindtrick and they can range from high-5s to talking about a grandparent. There is no limit to the amount of times a player can be converted to and from a cult. But players can only convert others into their current cult. Collect signatures to rack up points. For more details see "full" rules bellow. Note: Image bellow is a flyer which can be handed out at parties to initiate a game of "Colour Cult Clash". Thank you so much for you time. See you next year!
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