Colors of Me

Me is a being who has lived in a monotonous and colorless world, untill the day he discovers that the world didn't need to be as he used to see it. While new experiences come to Me, everything around starts to change. Departing on an [i]awesome[/i] adventure, to discover new colors and places where once there were only emptyness.
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Design, Create, Play
Back to the 1885
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
We used Construct2 to make this game.
Installation Instructions: 

Inside this .zip, there is the .capx code where you can open through construct2 and the executable archive to play the game.
To play the game you just need to run colorsofme.exe.


Art Design:
João Mendes Neto
Luna de Moura e Almeida

Level Design:
Jonathan Alcantara de Oliveira
Jahder Zanetti Soares
Rodrigo de Carvalho Antunes

Music Producer:
Rodrigo de Carvalho Antunes

Jahder Zanetti Soares
Jonathan Alcantara de Oliveira
Kevin O. McManus

Special Thanks:
Daniel Mendes (Theme Music)
Bettina Calmon ( Mix)

Game Stills: 
Source files: