Color Chase

This is a prototype for a single game mechanic - Change your own color to reveal similar colors in a picture. You keep changing colors and move around an invisible picture to reveal it. For example - If you are now dark blue, colors that are near you and are close to dark blue will be continuously revealed. The game also generates a "creep" that expands and "eats" the picture, for some extra challenge. You can put any image named "Image.jpg" in the game's folder to use it. (Note: The game crops the picture to 800x600 resolution) Controls: Arrow Keys, Spacebar
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Made the silly decision to try building this in WPF. Halfway through the jam decided that was a dumb idea and it would never work performance-wise on that platform. Moved to XNA, I've never built anything using XNA before. Was happy (and surprised) I got something together before the end of the jam. It was written in a haste so the game is mostly one big unmanageable class with way too many hard coded numbers.
Installation Instructions: 

1. Extract the

2. Run setup.exe

3. Install...

4. Run Color Chase from the shortcut created on your desktop


You can change the image by putting an Image.jpg file in the game's folder. (Note: The game crops the picture to 800x600 resolution)


Gal Green

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