Changarin's War

Changarin's War is a game about preconception, social classes, and all the conflict around them (expressed in a "funny" way). Think in industrial revolution, and all the workers (the tough proletarian) and their bosses (the capitalist gentleman) fighting for different ideas, needs and principles. Some of them think that "everyone are the same", so they see the rest of the people as workers or bosses, depending on each one. Gaming stuff --> each player plays as one of them (capitalist or proletarian), and has to kill npcs and recolect items, without killing his mate (the other player). If you do so, you lose points, but dont worry, in a second he'll be respawned again... If a npc touch you, you lose one life, and after three touches, you are dead, but you'll be respawned again after a while also. The player with more points win.... but, we dont have time to celebrate! immediately after a level ends (after 60 seconds), other level is automaticaly generated (somethings change, others not, everything is random!), and the fight start all over again. Have fun! //Feedback? twit me : @Cabezotta Featuring: - A lying Chronometer. - Controversy. - Some argentinian-only jokes (sorry). - Pretty awesome and admirable bugs. :) - Different kind of guns! - and, last but not least, Comic Sans font.
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Design, Create, Play
Can You Come And Play?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Specifically Unity 2D
Installation Instructions: 

YOU HAVE TO plug-in a couple joysticks in order to play. Two players playing in the same keyboard is messy (and is not configured to work with it anyway).

If you REALLY want to play in the same keyboard, you'll have to modify input section from the unity pop-up app (that screen that appears as soon as you run the .exe, but anyways, it is not the way it was meant to be played).

Having said that, the only thing you need to do for playing is run the .exe file.


CODE - Nicolás Recabarren

ART - Gonzalo Ortiz - Franco Glellel

MUSIC - Julián Micic de Rosas

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