Catch That Human

Nintendo DS Game. The argument is simple. Evolution could have gone another way … And it did … We are a cat addicted to milk. It is our most precious treasure, but that human always try to rob us. Fortunately, we have available the best defense, The slap-o-matic, which will discourage this human of its purposes. Tap the screen to activate defences and slap the thief. If you lose up to 3 bricks of Milk, you lose the game.
Jam year: 
You Only Live Thrice
Homo Sapiens are Boring
Honor Aaron Swartz
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Technology Notes: 
Nintendo DS game. Coded in C++, using Libnds & my own Nintedo DS Framework
Installation Instructions: 

This game is designed to run in a Nintendo DS game device. You need also a compatible flashcard to can run it. If not, you can use any of the available Nintendo DS emulators, but "desmume" is the one i recommend.
If you try to run the game in a real hardware using a flashcard and it don't runs, try to launch it using hbmenu (included on the game zip).


Game idea, code and most of the graphics by Cesar Rincon "NightFox".

Some graphics are from the following web sites:!)/page14

Code & graphics under Creative Commons Licence.
Nintendo DS is a trademark of Nintendo. 

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