Captain Cup

Another day at the office,drinking coffee. Suddenly! Come and face the alien Invaders, defending the world with your own arms! This Kinect based augmented reality shooter game is a contemporary homage to the classic game of 'Invaders'. Utilizing a costume Cup sensor device your goal is to shoot the aliens before they get you.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Main software environment: TouchDesigner a visual development platform. 3D content tool :Houdini for pixel alien invader. Programming language:Python Sensors: Kinect. 9dof orientation sensors. c930e USB camera. The game itself build to work in full AR environment. better to be played with Head display device such as oculus rift

Barak Koren - Creator, programmer, designer 

Rotem Moav - Music and Sound

Gil Reich - Illustrations

Thanks to:

Shmuel Shmuel
Yuri Klebanov
Amichai Naveh Marmor
Michael Fink

Source files: