The Candy Cat Saga (Oculus Rift)

[Won't work if more than 2 people connect to the server, extra players will all get laser pointers working on an immediate fix to allow pairs of 2] This is a co-op time-trial VR game designed to be played over a network using 2 OVRlib supported headsets (Oculus Rift developer kit). Player 1 controls a cat in first person view and must collect as many candies as possible within the time limit. Player 2 controls a laser pointer and has a top-down view of the level and should lead the cat to each new candy. This game is designed to be played with Player 1 using an Xbox 360 Controller: Left stick - movement, Right stick - turning, Left bumper - sprint, Right bumper - jump. To be completed: Leader board, timer, audio(fixed in current build). To be improved: Candy models(currently a cube), Collision meshes, laser pointer visibility(fixed in current build), larger level with more unique assets, camera movement and animation blending on cat(fixed in current build), support for more players in one lobby, additional animated or physics based props.
Jam year: 
Homo Sapiens are Boring
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Uses OVRlib 0.2.4 unity package to allow Oculus Rift developer kit support. Uses Photon networking unity package for 20 CCU cloud servers.
Game Stills: