Candy Banned XIV - The Saga of the Wrapper Scrolls

As a discarded Gummi Bear, you are fighting your way through a candy land to return home. In this action RPG, use the sugary prejudice of your foes to surpass the challenges and beat them up!
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MS Windows
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GameMaker (any product)
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Standalone executable, just launch to play.


Candy Banned XIV Instructions

*Disclaimer: Candy Banned XIV is high in sugar content and contains dozens of terrible candy-based puns.

Control Gummi Burr in his quest to defeat the Three Musketeers and the evil Gummi Wyrm!


Arrow Keys: Movement
A: Use Weapon
Z: Use Wrapper
0,1,2,3,4: Switch Wrapper Type
Space: Read Signs/Talk
Enter: Advance Text



Hot Tamale: Shoot Fire to melt Ice Cream and Chocolate
Mint: Shoot Ice to freeze Soda
Cotton Candy: Float over pits of Spikes
Marshmallow: Place Marshmallows to cross Hot Fudge



Candy Cane Sword: Slash at enemies with a lethally sharp candy cane
Gumdrop Slingshot: Snipe enemies from afar with stale gumdrops
Pop Rock Bomb: Blast enemies away with this time bomb of sugary might (not yet implemented)



Chocolate Coins: The main currency used to buy items in [the Shop]
Treasure Chests: Contain Coins, Wrappers, or Keys
Lifesavers: Recovers one circle of health
Keys: Used to open the final door in each area and fight the Boss


People (not yet implemented)

The Smarties: A group of geniuses who exist solely to give plot relevant hints
The Shopkeeper: A golden gummi bear who will sell you weapons at inflated prices
The Lollipop Guild: A street gang in control of the local town
The Three Musketeers: Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, each guards a key to the Gummi Wyrm’s fortress
Gummi Wyrm: The local Evil Overlord


Known Issues:

Game freezes when entering the Cotton Candy Forest (east of the starting point).

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