Burden is a top-down, roguelike game that follows a nameless warrior who seeks a mysterious power to help fulfill a promise made long ago. Collect powerful weapons and mystical tokens as you progress through a dungeon that holds ancient secrets. Play Now: http://kortham.net/temp/Burden.html Video of spritesheet: http://kortham.net/temp/BurdenAnimatedSpritesheet.mp4 First Youtube Video: http://youtu.be/zRPWOe81T3I New Fancier Video: http://youtu.be/C58Zo7VURe4
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Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps

Tommy Sunders - Art & Design
Scott Lembcke - Programming
Andy Korth - Programming
Mike Waterston - Writing & Design
Darren Prentice - Music & Sound Design
Karl Koehle - Animation & Art

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