Bloom Vision

You're a guy, space dude alien guy. Floating among the stars in a research station in a small area of asteroids. You fight the constant oncoming barrage of asteroids. Enjoy. Beware, it crashes a lot. Still trying to figure out why. I will update when i have figured it out. I notice i forgot instructions, alright, so you need to defend tthe main spawn area. You can extend hallway units and deploy mines and turrets to depend your main area fron asteroids. Turrets locks automaticly. Mines are proximity. Your blow torch fixes the broken wall units and can fully repair. They are limited amounts of fuels for the torches. Also press t to turn off gravity. It will cause problems if you dont shut off gravity. Best of luck jammers
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- Private group -
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Homo Sapiens are Boring
I am who I want to be
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
3ds max and photoshop
Installation Instructions: 

Download from drop box, unzip the file. Pick the OS you're using. Click the file you would click to run the game PROFIT!!!!!!!!! 



There will be bugs. It was 48 hours geeeez fixed most of what i could in the mean time, maybe i'll keep updating dependent on if people really like it or not. Enjoy!


Any substantial issues please email me at [email protected] to which i can address and resolve the issues. 

Even send me a messege if you really like it! I would love to hear that!


Did this alone, wish i could of had a team to join. 

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