The Blocks of Nubia

Nubia was one of the ancient regions in Egypt known for its great stone structures. This game pits 2-4 players against each other in a quest to complete their created block structure before the other players complete their own. The conundrum is, they will share a construction space and cannot know what the other players are building. It's a game of wit and deception to be the first to complete your goal. Rules : Each player starts with 18 blocks. 9 to make a structure of their own, and 9 to play with on the board. Each player takes a turn, and either may remove one block or add one block. A block may not be placed in space, it must be adjacent to a currently existing block face (diagonal must be decided upon before playing -- house rule). A block may be taken out of the middle of a formation, if removing it does not destroy the existing structures. A player must notify the other(s) when they are one block away from completion by either saying "check" or "one away". There are special blocks in the game, each denoted by different symbols. Vector, Pyramid, Square, Null. See the image for descriptions of each. Completion : When either player has completed their block formation (either exactly or as a subset of the current playing blocks), the game is finished and that player wins. In the unlikely event that the player who places the last block completes both formations, the player who placed the block wins. A variation on this could be that if a block can be placed and finish both formations, then it is not a viable move.
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Danny Capaccio - Game Design, Woodworking, Painting

Alyse Capaccio - Game Design, Graphics, Painting, Staining

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